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Our All-In-One Solution for Swimming Schools includes everything you need! You and your customers always keep track of courses, dates, bookings and informations about your company.

Swimming Schools Software - Administration, booking & website in one!

Customize the content of your website

You can customize all the contents of your website comfortably using the administration interface. Easy as child's play and optimized for every device - whether PC, tablet or smartphone! Through our self-developed homepage builder you can implement dynamic content everywhere by drag & drop.

Manage Swimming Courses

Courses can now be easily managed like never before! The course appointments are automatically suggested by your course configuration and can be adopted directly or customized. Follow-up courses and a copy function are a matter of course for us.

Easy Online Booking

Your customers or interested parties will not only see your current course appointments, they can also book a slot online and pay for it in cash at the start of the course, by bank transfer, direct debit, credit card or Paypal. An optional account allows your customers to keep track of previous bookings and make it easier for them to re-book using existing data.

Customer Relationship and Customer Acquisition 2.0

Whether automated waiting lists, our information agent - which informs customers directly of new courses -, the coupon or the newsletter feature. Your customers will thank you!

Employees and Swimming Teachers

Employees and swimming teachers have their own access to the administration interface and you determine exactly which content can be accessed. Independent time recording and attendance check of the particular course will relieve you as the owner of work! The automatic registration of the payroll account including the template for the pension insurance will disappear all previously used Excel lists!


Safety is our top priority! All connections to your website as well as e-mail communication are handled via strong encrypted connections (SSL). Your data and those of your customers are also stored encrypted in our database. Hourly backups and a pro-active firewall provides 24/7 protection.

Webhosting, Domain and E-Mail Account

We will take over the webhosting and the costs and administration for your domain! We will also set up a secure e-mail account for you. If you already have a domain, you can simply redirect it to our software in your DNS settings. In this case we are happy to support you!

Have more time again

All in all - and this is confirmed by our existing customers - our software saves you up to 80% of the daily administrative work. Customer discussions are often only necessary for initial consultations or intensive customers, most of them will book online directly! Many processes are already automated and you can take care of the essential tasks in your company.

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